Painting of Brandon Lee with a Crow

Remembering Brandon Lee: A Legacy Continued

In the world of cinema, few stories are as poignant and compelling as that of Brandon Lee. Born into martial arts royalty as the son of the legendary Bruce Lee,…

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Bruce Lee's father - Lee Hoi-chuen

Biography of Bruce Lee’s Father – Lee Hoi-chuen

Lee Hoi-chuen was the professional name of Lee Moon-shuen, the father of the legendary martial artist and actor Bruce Lee. The senior Lee led an intriguing and multifaceted life that…

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Dan Inosanto in Game of Death

Collaborator Profile: Dan Inosanto

Dan Inosanto, a name synonymous with martial arts excellence and innovation, played a pivotal role in the martial arts world, particularly through his interactions with the legendary Bruce Lee. You…

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Bruce Lee in The Kid

Young Dragon: Insights Into Bruce Lee’s Childhood

Bruce Lee’s journey from a child actor in Hong Kong to a global martial arts icon is a tale of resilience, passion, and groundbreaking talent. Born on November 27, 1940,…

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Young Bruce Lee in Hong Kong City

Hong Kong Connections: Bruce’s Spiritual Home

Bruce Lee, though born Lee Jun-fan in San Francisco in 1940, felt deep links to the city of Hong Kong, where he spent many of his formative years – and…

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Bruce Lee Drinking Tea

Bruce Lee’s Dietary Mastery: The Dragon’s Blueprint for Physical Excellence

In the realm of physical fitness, Bruce Lee stands as a paragon of athleticism, discipline, and dedication. His physique, which boasted a low body fat percentage of 6-8% and remarkable…

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9 Unexpected Facts about Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee, celebrated for his unmatched martial arts skills and his iconic movies, is a household name worldwide. Yet, behind the powerful punches and high-flying kicks lay a person rich…

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Bruce Lee Stylized Portrait

A Dragon’s Tale – The Life and Legacy of Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee, an icon whose influence still resonates in various spheres of life, has become a symbol of martial arts, philosophy, and cultural exchange. Born on November 27, 1940, in…

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Review of Shannon Lee’s Book: Be Water, My Friend

Be Water, My Friend by Shannon Lee is an insightful and inspiring book that explores the life and philosophy of her father, the legendary martial artist and actor Bruce Lee….

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Bruce Lee’s Biography

Bruce Lee was a legendary martial artist, actor, and philosopher who revolutionized the world of martial arts and popular culture. Born in San Francisco, California, on November 27, 1940, Lee…

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